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What do you hire when you book your Taxi in Gran Canaria with us?

What do you contract when booking with "Reservas taxis Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Puertos y Aeropuerto. Bookings, Transfers by Gran Canaria"? Who is going to pick him up?

     A qualified Driver with the Certificate of Authorization will be picked up by you, who "AUTHORIZES" the driving of Auto-Taxi vehicles of the municipality of said license.

     In an Official Auto-Taxi ** of the Island of Gran Canaria. With a Municipal License conceived by the Illustrious City Council of the Municipality to which such License and Transport Card conceived by the Cabildo of Gran Canaria that "AUTHORIZES" the Transport of Travelers by Road in Gran Canaria belongs.

** Auto-Taxi Vehicle with Taximeter: "Price per route stipulated according to the rate corresponding to the distance traveled, the time elapsed and supplements if applicable."

** Valid Rate: BOC No. 246, Thursday 22 December 2016-4759. to download

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